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While presenting for the San Jose Creative Suite Group, one of the attendees came up to show my demo app running on his iPhone.  Cool, but how did you do it?  He said... DropBox.  Thanks for the tip Prateek Sharma 

  1. Sign up for dropbox account (http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTEyNTM0OQ
  2. After installing dropbox goto the "Dropbox Public folder" on your machine. 
  3. Copy/Paste your development folder into this public folder. 
  4. After the files have been pasted, simply right click on the html file->select dropbox->copy public link. 
  5. Email the link to your phone
  6. Open this URL on your iPhone!
Our project was using jQuery and jQTouch and this method worked very well.



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  1. Prateek Sharma Says:
    Thanks Sid!! :-)
  2. Dario Gutierrez Says:
    Nice tip Sid!!

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