Sencha swings for the fences

Posted by Sid Maestre under News on Nov 27

I attended the Sencha (ExtJS) conference last week and walk away very impressed. Prior to this conference I thought Sencha was just an open source JavaScript library that got some VC backing, but it's much more than that.  


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Blackberry Hearts Adobe AIR

Posted by Sid Maestre under Design on Nov 19

One of the big announcements coming out of the Adobe MAX conference was the Blackberry Tablet OS's support for Adobe AIR.  With all the back and forth between Adobe and Apple over Flash it was great to see that in addition to Android that RIM would support AIR.  Throw in Google TV and AIR for TV and developers begin to see "real" multi-platform potential for Flash/AIR.

The Blackberry Table OS SDK is now available.  Here is series of screencasts to get you started.

There is a special promotion to get a Blackberry Playbook.  All you have to do is build a BlackBerry App World-approved AIR application prior to launch.


Speaking at Adobe MAX 2010

Posted by Sid Maestre under News on Oct 31

This is my fifth consecutive Adobe MAX conference, but first time speaking at MAX.  Speaking doesn't change the MAX experience.  You don't get crazy perks or chased down by groupies.  Well, maybe Ben Forta does, but not us regular folks.  What did change was my level of confidence.  I felt more comfortable introducing myself to others, chatting about projects I'm working on and promoting the Bay Area Mobile meetup.  



Test your web app on an iPhone

Posted by Sid Maestre under Design on Oct 7

While presenting for the San Jose Creative Suite Group, one of the attendees came up to show my demo app running on his iPhone.  Cool, but how did you do it?  He said... DropBox.  Thanks for the tip Prateek Sharma 



Crush It Mobile at Adobe MAX 2010

Posted by Sid Maestre under News on Sep 9

I've been accepted to speak at Adobe MAX 2010 in LA.  It's a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) session on "Building mobile apps with jQuery".  I'm feeling a sense of pride in accomplishing a goal to become more active in the Adobe community.